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This cute little man is by
Aust. Ch. Burbunya Claude Rockney out of Barloggio Jazz Judy.
is the name we will give him after one of the best greyhounds ever to race in Australia.
We couldn't expect this little fellow to beat his record number of wins on the racetrack but in honour of the great greyhound this little fellow bears his name.
He is only a small dog and at this stage seems to have a lovely temperament.
If not going to a show home I’m sure he will give hours of enjoyment as a lovely pet.


An adorable male puppy by Aust Ch. Burbunya Claude Rockney x Barloggio Jazz Judy.

This fellow looks like having a great conformation and will possibly be about 29cm (11”).

We probably will give him the name of
BARLOGGIO AJAY TOO , after the bushranger who ranged the New England district in the mid 1880’s


This female puppy has been promised family living on a farm in a country town of central New South Wales. She will be living as a farm girl on 100 acres with a loving humans. Kids, adults and Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs.
Her Kennel name will be
BARLOGGIO L'ATTRICE , which when translated from the Italian is

      'The Actress'