A new litter 16th September 2012. These puppies will be available for viewing LIVE on our Blog. Puppies ready for new home by early November.
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Give Ted Cullen a call and we can arrange for you to see a live web stream.
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Before deciding to acquire a puppy or an older dog, please remember that first and foremost the Jack Russell Terrier is a working dog, originally bred to hunt fox and other vermin. However, this does not prevent them from being a loving companion and family pet which easily adapts to town or country life. If you cannot offer a loving permanent home where the JRT has the correct attention with regard to feeding, exercise, and the understanding of the breed, then you should think seriously before even considering owning a JRT. To start with, it is advisable to talk to breeders and owners, and to study the breed where and whenever possible.

Height at the wither should be between 25cm and 30cm, Girth 40-43cm when spanned, with a ratio of 50% body to 50% leg.
Colour predominately white (at least 50%), with tan and /or black markings. Tan can be from mahogany to a pale lemon. The outer coat should be harsh to the touch and they should be sound in body and limb, and have a free springy gait. Their ears should be dropped or button, not pricked. Tail docking is banned in most Australian states. The coat can be smooth, broken or rough. All of these coat types can come from the same litter.